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Realistic At-Home Workout Tips For Moms During Quarantine and Beyond

Let’s admit it, exercising at home under quarantine is harder for moms. Here are some easy steps to keep yourself fit during these strange times.

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Posted on May 3, 2021 ·

When you’re self-isolating at home, you might consider chasing your children a good workout but don’t fool yourself! We know it’s difficult to follow a workout routine but try not to stress out! Make the most of your self-isolation time with these realistic exercise tips.


Sign Up for an Online Workout Class

If you always swore by the gym, workout apps may be an answer to your problems. From yoga, Pilates to CrossFit, you can try a host of online workout classes. Applications like FIIT and Freeletics and Glo have an infinite number of workout sessions. Also, remember not to over-exert yourself. A big part of isolation includes caring for yourself. Keep workouts low impact if you are feeling fatigued or more sore than usual.


Practice a Physical Activity That You Enjoy

Doing something that you enjoy can be very beneficial for your mental health. So, if you like to dance, try to designate time for dancing daily. Make your living room that platform to pursue your passion and stay at the top of your health. Zumba, anyone?


Exercise Early in The Morning

With a baby in the tow and the pressure to meet the deadlines while working from home, it can be hard to squeeze in some time for exercise. Make a habit of getting up early in the morning. Be a morning bird and carve out thirty minutes for yourself first thing in the morning to ensure that you are at the top of your health and energy all day.


Make it a Team Effort for Yourself and Your Kids to Complete a Workout Session

Carry your toddler to your workout zone in your home. There may not be a lot of space for the baby to play in the area, but you can surely leave her with two of her favourite books or toys and let her help mumma count the reps. When you finish a set, high-five and celebrate with them. This can turn out to be a bonding exercise, quite literally!


Promise a Reward to Your Kids if They Let You Exercise

Working out in the morning can positively impact your mood for the rest of the day. And while it can be challenging to make your kids understand that working out in the morning can make you more patient and fun for the whole day, you can promise them a reward. Tell them that if they let you exercise for half an hour in the morning, you will prepare their favourite dishes for dinner.

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Remember to not berate yourself for not being consistent or rigorous. These lockdown days can be an emotional rollercoaster! Be proud of yourself for taking even the smallest steps towards fitness. If you are looking for home-based workout routine, check out Veera Health and speak to our experts for personalised guidance!


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