Healthcare made for women, by women

Veera is the world's largest PCOS specialised clinic with a revolutionary ecosystem that puts Indian women and their wellness at the center

Our Mission

Women’s access to high-quality, compassionate care should be easy, taboo-free, and seamless. We believe that women’s health is a human rights issue and one that is closely linked to women’s dignity, equality, and advancement in society.

Through Veera, we are:

  • Empowering women across all life stages to take control of their physical and mental health without shame
  • Improving health with a focus on preventive care and early diagnosis
  • Creating broader awareness of women’s health needs
  • Increasing the number and access to progressive, judgement-free doctors

Our advisors

Dr. Anuja Dokras


Director, Penn Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Center, USA

Dr. Iris Lee

MD, Fellow in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Dr. Tanaya Narendra

MBBS, MSc (Oxon)

Fellow of the Royal Society For Public Health

Anuja Khamkar

PGD Nutrition and Dietetics, Diabetes Educator and Bariatric Nutrition Specialist, NutriKcal

Founded by sisters

“Through excellent, evidence-based health care, we want women to live the best version of themselves”

Shobhita (Tufts, UnitedHealth) & Shashwata Narain (Wharton, McKinsey)

We found a team that cares

PCOS Management is more than just a number on a scale. Veera works with leading experts in the industry who care as much about your path to PCOS reversal as you do.

Harshdeep Singh

Head of Marketing

Misha Baheti

Revenue and Growth Lead

Sumangala Verma

Marketing Lead

Pallavi Surana

Product Manager

Nimeet Shah

Founding Engineer

Shivani Vardhanapu

Strategic Initiatives Lead

Karishma Karalkar

Care Operations Lead

Shruti Nayak

Content Writer

Kavita Mandal

Finance & Compliance Lead

Nisha Sharma

Business Operations Associate

Rizwan Shaikh

Wordpress Developer

Swetha Reddy

Care Coordinator

Kuhu Srivastava

Social Media Manager

Saumya Bhatt

Sales Lead

Harsh Kushwaha

Graphic Designer

Michelle Kyra D’Souza

Content Writer

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