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Easy membership plans to reverse PCOS PCOS reversal that goes beyond diet plans

Our most successful patients continue their plan with us for at least 12 months to reverse their symptoms and prevent relapse. Our 5 Pillar Approach prioritises every aspect of your PCOS - from infertility to mood swings. Get the best medical and lifestyle guidance to reverse PCOS- all from the comfort of your own home.

3 Months


Includes exclusive Veera Supplement


6 Months


Includes exclusive Veera Supplement


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12 Months


Includes exclusive Veera Supplement



18 Months


Includes exclusive Veera Supplement


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All Plans Include

Certified gynaecologist assesses your PCOS profile and root cause to counsel you on the best treatment course

Your Habit Coach works with you one-on-one to develop PCOS reversal habits around nutrition, excercise, stress, sleep & consistency.

Go beyond simple weight loss and see your periods regularize, lower dependance on medication, reduce acne/excess hair and improve chances of conceiving

Unlimited texting with your personal nutritionist and habit coach

Develop 30+ habits like smart snacking, regulating insulin resistance, lowering inflammation, improving gut health, identifying stress triggers, sleep management and PCOS cardio & strength training

Exclusive access to the Veera app to track your PCOS symptoms and daily progress

Annu’s PCOS success story at Veera

All Plans Include

Certified gynaecologist:

Assess your PCOS profile and find the root cause. Get medical advice on the best treatment course.

Personalised Nutrition & Exercise Plan:

Get personalised diet and fitness plan to work around your symptoms. Our nutritionists create customised meal plans based on your dietary preferences, symptoms and goals. On-demand access to workout videos.

Personalised Supplement Plan:

Manage insulin resistance and regulate periods with the right micro nutrients. Our nutritionists prescribe a personalised supplement routine based on your requirements and symptoms, to complement your diet and medical treatment.

Dedicated Habit Coach:

Develop 30+ habits like smart snacking, sleep management and PCOS cardio & strength training to regulate insulin resistance, lower inflammation, improve gut health, and identify stress triggers.

Exclusive Access to PCOS Treatment App:

Monitor and measure your symptoms, track your periods with our members-only Veera Health App.

Annu’s PCOS success story at Veera

Available add-ons to any plan


Get help on PCOS-related acne, hair loss, hyperpigmentation & excess hair growth

Mental Health Therapist

Get help on anxiety, depression, mood swings & body image issues

Our members say that Veera is more effective than any other program or method they’ve tried


members said Veera is more effective than any other program or managing on your own.

3 in 4

women: regularise their periods within the first 3 months at Veera


women: lose weight within the first month at Veera

Enroll with Veera and save lakhs in future medical costs

Veera’s PCOS Reversal

Starts at ₹ 2100/month

Treating Infertility

₹ 6 Lacs per cycle

Treating Diabetes & Cancer

₹ 1-6 Lacs per year

Trying crash diets & weight-loss programs

₹ 25,000

Waxing, laser & shortterm hair removal

₹ 15,000

Temporary fixes for hairloss & acne

₹ 25,000

Veera is the world's largest online PCOS clinic.

50,000+ women are beating PCOS with us.

4.7/5.0 Google Reviews


No, PCOS cannot be cured. It is a lifelong condition. However, its symptoms like weight gain, hair loss, excess hair, acne, and irregular periods can be reversed with lifestyle-based changes over the long term. Research has shown that women with PCOS who receive treatment from several doctors have a higher chance of success in managing their condition.

Yes, we provide holistic treatment to help improve all your symptoms. We also screen you for mood swings and mental health issues like stress, anxiety & depression as women with PCOS are 3 times as likely to have them.

Yes! Telemedicine is safe and effective as long as you share complete information with your doctor team. Thanks to online consultations, you can access a world-class doctor team conveniently from wherever you are. We’re also able to track your progress on your treatment, exercise and diet plan more effectively. In cases where you’re required to go for an in-person visit, your coach will work with you to arrange a visit with a local doctor.

Research shows that PCOS patients who get holistic care for all their symptoms have more success. It’s recommended to have several doctors and experts involved in your treatment rather than just one. This is why we build a team of doctors for you – a gynaecologist and dietician provide the first line of defense, with a dermatologist, counsellor / psychologist, getting involved as needed to manage other symptoms. If you already have a doctor, we can complete your care team and provide holistic treatment to treat PCOS effectively.

Our philosophy is to focus on lifestyle changes that can help you manage PCOS over the long-term. Many patients find that they are able to manage their condition without any medication. In some cases, hormone regulating medication can meaningfully improve symptoms like acne and irregular periods. However, your doctor team will understand your unique medical history & preferences to determine the best course for you.

Depending on your symptoms, you may see improvements within a month. However, we recommend a minimum of 6 months so you can learn how to manage your condition in a sustainable way.

After you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, it is important to speak to a doctor to understand what your treatment options are. Treatment modality will depend on your symptoms and concerns so generic treatment plans never work. Although PCOS has no cure, you can manage all the symptoms with proper medical treatment and lifestyle coaching. Empowering yourself with the correct resources and having access to trusted information is also an important part of your treatment. At Veera, our doctors and experts help you with everything that is needed to ensure your success in dealing with PCOS in the long-run.

It is recommended to speak to a gynaecologist if you think you have PCOS and get a formal diagnosis. And PCOS does not have one single test — doctors usually rely on a combination of medical history, blood tests and scans. Although you don’t have to specifically prepare for a test, there are some tests that might require a fasting sample or require you to stop certain medications to get accurate results.

Not necessarily. If you have recently been tested for PCOS and done all the required tests, you can directly enrol in our program. However, upon joining the program if your doctor feels that additional tests are required, you maybe prescribed to get the appropriate tests done.