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  • You're tired of your family asking you to lose weight
  • You're embarrassed to go out or take photos of yourself
  • You feel alone when others talk about regular periods
  • You're sad you haven't conceived after several attempts

You've come to the right place.

Launching Veera Weight Loss Plans

From Weight Loss to Wellness: Nurturing Bodies, Nurturing Lives

Customer from Noida lost 7 kgs

"Initially, I doubted my ability to stick to a diet because I was used to eating parathas for breakfast and having heavy meals.However, with Veera's guidance, I've achieved a major milestone – I've successfully transitioned from my traditional heavy breakfasts to preparing my own meals according to the recommended diet. Thanks to the guidance and assistance provided by Veera, I have successfully shed 7 kilograms in just 3-4 months. This positive transformation has not only boosted my physical health but has also significantly improved my mental well-being."

Customer from Hyderabad lost 6 kgs

"The best part was receiving complements from friends and family on my transformation. My care manager in the entire journey is Manassie ma'am , she has been extremely sweet and patient with everything right from planning my diets to me making sure I stick to them. She is always there to motivate me and make sure I do it."

Customer from Bangalore lost 4 kgs

"My Care Manager and nutritionist is, Manassie. I am really happy about how they have designed the programme, it's been a few months now and I can see many positive changes. Not only restricted to weight loss but also to overall wellbeing. Looking forward to have a healthy experience"

Customer from Bangalore lost 2.2 kgs

"For the past 6-7 months, I struggled with persistent weight gain and unbearable bloating despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, within just 3 weeks of becoming a part of the Veera PCOS program, my bloating has significantly reduced, cravings have diminished, and I've successfully shed 2.2 kgs. A heartfelt thank you to my dedicated care manager and nutritionist, Sanchita ma'am, who diligently checks up on me every day, providing unwavering support and guidance.."

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Not sure if you have PCOS/PCOD? Get diagnosed.

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Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a chronic medical condition that can affect your reproductive, metabolic and psychological health. However, PCOS symptoms often go overlooked and undiagnosed due to lack of awareness, proper treatment protocol and delayed diagnosis. Although it can feel overwhelming to be diagnosed with a chronic condition such as PCOS, it is important to remember that you can manage all your symptoms with the right care. Like any other chronic condition, the earlier you start your treatment, the better are the health outcomes.

Yes absolutely! Veera being an online PCOS clinic circumvents the disadvantages of the traditional healthcare model and provides quality care to women across the world. We have patients across US, UK, UAE and Canada! Thanks to digitalisation of healthcare we are able to give you access to top doctors and experts and monitor your progress closely through our exclusive PCOS app regardless of where you are!

Women with PCOS spend years in trial and error to find a treatment that works for them. In conventional healthcare models, women spend lakhs of rupees in this process. At Veera, we provide holistic care that includes access to top rated doctors and experts who work with you closely to personalise your plan and help you build sustainable habits across nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep. And the best part? Veera’s PCOS program plans start at just Rs.2100/- per month!

Many symptoms of PCOS can seem non-specific such as weight gain, irregular periods or acne. So, often diagnosis can be delayed till years unless the symptoms get severe or obvious. If you suspect having PCOS, the only way to confirm is to get tested. Not every woman will have each symptom but certain hallmark features of having PCOS include irregular periods, weight gain, acne, excess facial/body hair, scalp hair loss, dark skin patches, mood disorders.

Our doctors and experts perform a thorough examination of your symptoms, medical history and test reports. Depending on when you last took the tests and which tests were performed, our doctors can recommend whether you need to get tested again to help them have a clear visibility of your current condition.

If you are diagnosed with PCOS, it is important to remember that there are plenty of treatment options and resources available that can address your specific symptoms and concerns. It is also important to work closely with your doctor who can help you in charting out a personalised treatment plan that can include a combination of lifestyle modifications and medications where required. Starting your treatment early on and getting the right care can help minimise the risk of developing future health complications.

If you suspect having PCOS or are not sure what your symptoms could indicate, book a free appointment with our PCOS experts who can guide you better on how you can get diagnosed, what your treatment options are and give you more information about Veera’s PCOS program.