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Weight Loss Plans Pricing

From Weight Loss to Wellness: Nurturing Bodies, Nurturing Lives

  • Nutritionist and Lifestyle coach

  • Personalised Meal Plans

  • Dermat/Therapy

  • Fitness Plan

  • Real-Time Fitness Trainer

  • Habit Building Program

  • Track your Health on the Veera App

  • Maintainance Diet

LEAN START Weight Loss


for 3 months

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  • Dedicated Coach

  • 6 meal plans

  • 52 individualised workouts

  • Phase I: 5 Habits

  • Exclusive Access

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FIT FOCUS Weight Loss



for 6 months

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  • Dedicated Coach

  • 12 meal plans

  • 104 individualised workouts

  • Dedicated Trainer

  • Phase II: 10 Habits

  • Exclusive Access

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Most Popular BODY TRANSFORM Weight Loss



for 12 months

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  • Dedicated Coach

  • 24 meal plans

  • 2 Free Consults

  • 208 individualised workouts

  • Dedicated Trainer

  • Phase III: 20 Habits

  • Exclusive Access

  • Diet Included

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LEAN START Weight Loss



for 3 months

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FIT FOCUS Weight Loss



for 6 months

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Most Popular BODY TRANSFORM Weight Loss



for 12 months

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Nutritionist and Lifestyle coach Dedicated Coach
Personalised Meal Plan 6 meal plans
Fitness Plan 52 individualised workouts
Real-Time Fitness Trainer
Habit Building Program Phase I: 5 Habits
Track your Health on the Veera App Exclusive Access
Maintainance Diet
Select Plan
Nutritionist and Lifestyle coach Dedicated Coach
Personalised Meal Plan 12 meal plans
Fitness Plan 104 individualised workouts
Real-Time Fitness Trainer Decicated Trainer
Habit Building Program Phase II: 10 Habits
Track your Health on the Veera App Exclusive Access
Maintainance Diet
Select Plan
Nutritionist and Lifestyle coach Dedicated Coach
Personalised Meal Plan 24 meal plans
Dermat/Therapy 2 Free Consults
Fitness Plan 208 individualised workouts
Real-Time Fitness Trainer Dedicated Trainer
Habit Building Program Phase III: 20 Habits
Track your Health on the Veera App Exclusive Access
Maintainance Diet Diet Included
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Features Included
  • 6 Gynaecologist consults and root cause analysis
  • 312 individualised workouts
  • Chat with fitness coach
  • 36 personalized meal plans
  • Phase IV & V: 30 Habits
  • Senior Real Time Coach
  • 1 Free Therapy or Dermatology Consult
  • Exclusive Access to Veera App
  • Up to 15% discount for Myo-inositol Supplement
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Success stories

Lose up to 15% of your body weight (based on real results)

"My Care Manager and nutritionist is, Manassie. I am really happy about how they have designed the programme, it's been a few months now and I can see many positive changes. Not only restricted to weight loss but also to overall wellbeing. Looking forward to have a healthy experience"

"The best part was receiving complements from friends and family on my transformation. My care manager in the entire journey is Manassie ma'am , she has been extremely sweet and patient with everything right from planning my diets to me making sure I stick to them. She is always there to motivate me and make sure I do it."

"For the past 6-7 months, I struggled with persistent weight gain and unbearable bloating despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, within just 3 weeks of becoming a part of the Veera PCOS program, my bloating has significantly reduced, cravings have diminished, and I've successfully shed 2.2 kgs. A heartfelt thank you to my dedicated care manager and nutritionist, Sanchita ma'am, who diligently checks up on me every day, providing unwavering support and guidance.."

"Initially, I doubted my ability to stick to a diet because I was used to eating parathas for breakfast and having heavy meals.However, with Veera's guidance, I've achieved a major milestone – I've successfully transitioned from my traditional heavy breakfasts to preparing my own meals according to the recommended diet. Thanks to the guidance and assistance provided by Veera, I have successfully shed 7 kilograms in just 3-4 months. This positive transformation has not only boosted my physical health but has also significantly improved my mental well-being."

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Our Approach to weight loss

Empowering PCOS Warriors one workout at a time

Address the root cause

Our experienced nutritionists identify underlying hormonal issues and create a tailored plan to address your weight gain while keeping your vitals in check.

Get diet plans for the Indian household

Your grocery list doesn’t have to change with our nutrition plans. Our nutritionists create meal plans with all your favourite Indian foods.

Be calorie-conscious, but not calorie-counting

Our nutritionists handle the calorie calculations, allowing you to focus on your exciting meal plans, workouts, and progress.

Stay on top of your workouts with Fitness Pro

Our weight loss plans give you access to unlimited world-class coaching, with workouts designed to address your goals.



Elevate your well-being with technology and wellness.


With the help of our nutritionist, navigate your nutritional journey with accuracy.

Customized Dietary Plan

Get customised plans to your taste. A diet plan specially designed for you.

Daily and Weekly Insights

Get weekly and daily insights that highlight your progress, with the help of this real-time feedback.


Experience personalized workouts tailored to your goals and preferences, monitored through health tracking features.


3 months

  • Skin glow
  • Spike in energy levels
  • Up to 2-4 kgs weight loss

6 months

  • Improved immunity
  • Better digestion/gut health
  • Up to 5-7 kgs weight loss

12 months

  • Body transformation and toning
  • Better mental health
  • Up to 8-10 kgs weight loss


Anavi Someshwar

Anavi Someshwar is a certified personal trainer who graduated from the American College of Sports Medicine. She specialises in women’s health, fitness and wellness. With over 7 years of experience, she’s helped 500+ women overcome hormonal health issues like PCOS and Thyroid. She understands what pace, intensity and routine help a woman’s body thrive. Her workouts are doable and enjoyable and produce results that are in line with the client’s goals!

Mughda Joshi

Mugdha Joshi has completed a degree in Applied Science Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Arizona, USA. She has worked in an acute care setting which has given her the experience to use Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for chronic illnesses such as PCOS, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Cancer etc. She has learnt French and Japanese!

Nikita Choudhary

Nikita has completed work in the renowned team of Dr. Pradeep Jain, Chairman of the Gastrointestinal Department at Pan Fortis Hospital, focusing on treating patients with GI disorders, cancer, and those undergoing bariatric surgery. Additionally, she has experience working with diabetic, PCOD, and weight loss patients, as well as serving as a child counsellor.

Manassie Vakharia

Manassie Vakharia has completed her bachelor's and master's in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics and is a Certified Diabetes Educator. She is a passionate professional in her field with a deep-rooted commitment to empowering individuals to achieve their health goals. Her mission is to educate, inspire and support all her patients in making sustainable lifestyle changes that lead to lasting vitality through a holistic approach

Is this program for you?

Post-Pregnancy Fitness:

Reconnect with your postpartum self!

Fabulous in your 40s, 50s:

Rediscover yourself in your 40s fabulously!

Shed Festive Weight:

Post-festivities, it's a fresh start!

Bridal Body Sculpting:

Commit to the best version of yourself for your big day!

Our Unique 5 Pillar Approach For Sustainable Weight Management



Create habits that improve your gut health, reduce inflammation, control blood sugar, and help you manage weight effectively.



Start exercise programs incorporating strength training, yoga, stretches, and cardio to increase your metabolism.



Enhance the quality of your sleep to reduce stress hormones and boost your energy.



Learn stress management techniques and identify triggers by working with your Coach.



By updating your routine regularly, your coach at Veera will ensure that you stay on track and avoid relapsing.

Hear from Our Customers


Chennai, India

Age: 27

My experience with the workouts has been quite transformative. I used to take a lot of breaks during my exercise routines, but ever since I started following a proper workout plan, my motivation has soared. I'm determined to complete each session to the best of my abilities and eagerly await the results. What's truly remarkable is that these workouts strike the perfect balance; they're challenging yet not too exhausting.

16 December 2023

Avanti Tohare

Pune, India

Age: 29

Having suffered a back injury that led me to pause my fitness journey, I'm now finding renewed motivation thanks to this program. It's a relief not to think about what exercises to do daily because the routine takes care of that. My form might not be flawless, but I can feel my stamina improving. The best part for me is the post-workout cool-down, which leaves my muscles feeling relaxed.

10 December 2023

Shivangi Jain

Delhi, India

Age: 25

These Veera workouts have been a game-changer for me. The way they're structured, with rest days in between, helps me push myself. I often tell myself, "Let's give it all today because tomorrow is a rest day." Plus, the variety of exercises keeps me engaged, and I can do them at home without any equipment, which is a huge convenience.

01 December 2023

Own Your Weight Management

Tired of trial-and-error diets in your quest to lose weight? We understand the challenges associated with weight loss, especially when hormones seem to be working against you. That’s why we've introduced the first-ever Weight Loss program that uses our unique 5-pillar approach to habit building. Our evidence-based methods are easy to follow and deliver fast results. Gain access to sustainable and delicious diets, as well as professional fitness coaches, ensuring results that are not only immediate but also enduring, while maintaining your overall health.


Scientifically proven.
Backed by experts


Start with proper objectives, a well-balanced diet, and consistent exercise. Seeking advice from a healthcare expert can offer specific guidance.

You can get only short-term results out of fad diets. Adopting a realistic and balanced approach to eating and exercising is necessary for long-term weight loss.

Yes, it does, by increasing metabolism and burning calories, exercise does indeed aid in weight loss.

Recognize your triggers, eat mindfully, and get help. Get help from your therapists and nutritionists they can offer techniques to deal with emotional eating patterns.

Yes, hormones like cortisol, insulin, and thyroid can affect weight loss. Hormonal fluctuations can be managed with dietary and exercise modifications.

Maintaining a healthy weight requires long-term dietary and exercise changes. This implies that you must discover a weight-loss strategy that you can stick with forever.

No, you don’t have to, you can manage your weight by managing the portion of your favourite meal and by religiously following your workout sessions.

A professional’s help is always good to have, as a professional trainer can take you through a proper exercise plan, they can work on your form, and provide you with customised workout and meal plans.