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How To Manage Your Anxiety Every Day

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Posted on October 6, 2021 ·

The word ‘anxiety’ is perhaps thrown around a little too loosely these days. But one in every seven women, suffer from this mental health condition in India. Anxiety is a feeling most of us are familiar with: your heart beats a mile a minute, your mind starts racing. You get butterflies in your stomach, and your knees go weak. Maybe you feel it during a particularly turbulent flight or before a big public speech. Now imagine that anxious feeling all day, for no reason – that is what it is to live with anxiety.

My Story of Fears and Worries

I was diagnosed with anxiety when I was 21, but I have experienced anxiety for as long as I can remember. I never learnt how to cycle for fear of falling and breaking my bones. I always envisioned my car crashing into a signal or a lamppost every time it rained. I could not sit peacefully on a flight for fear of it crashing.

The Many Manifestations of Anxiety

On a good day, the anxiety manifests itself by thoughts of worst-case scenarios for situations: What if I get stuck in traffic, and I am late for work? What if I forgot my wallet in the rikshaw and I can’t buy lunch? Is my hubby mad at me because I was late to reply to his texts? What happens when I join a new organisation, and no one talks to me?
On a stressful day, my anxiety is both mental and physical. Often, it feels like I am a prisoner trapped in my mind.

More Tips To Calm Anxious Thoughts & Feelings

Anxiety can manifest differently in different people. And anxiety can affect anyone, however, at varying degrees. But a common thread among all is that there are ways to manage your anxiety, even when it feels out of control.

However, if anxiety is affecting your ability to perform everyday activities, seek professional help. Learning how to cope with anxiety can help you better navigate through your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

  1. Pause and take some time out. You can try practicing yoga, meditation, listening to music, reading a book or any other hobby or relaxation technique that will help you unwind
  2. Eat nutritious meals. What you eat can have an impact on your mood and energy levels. Choose fresh, wholesome foods that are rich in nutrients instead of processed or packaged foods
  3. Take deep breaths and count to ten with each breath
  4. Physical activity of any form, like walking, stretching, dancing can help increase endorphin (happy hormones) and improve your mood
  5. Make a conscious effort to focus on positive thoughts and accept that not everything is under you control

Learn More with Veera Health

If you are struggling with anxiety, don’t ignore the symptoms. Anxiety can have many triggers and causes to it and understanding the pattern can help you navigate better. Anxiety can also be an outcome of an underlying health condition, such as PCOS. If you suspect having PCOS or are diagnosed already and struggle with mood disorders, speak to our mental health experts at Veera to get the care you deserve. Book a free appointment to get started.

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