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How I Lost 20 Kilos of Weight Despite my Thyroid Condition

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Posted on November 30, 2021 ·


I found out that I had hypothyroidism when I randomly gained around 20 kilos in three months. I always had a slender shape, so the sudden weight gain was genuinely alarming. Fatigue also accompanied my weight gain, so I immediately knew that something was off even before I went to the doctor. The mood changes also contributed to the already debilitating fatigue. However, I had a real challenge finding a doctor who would not dismiss my symptoms and hand me a diet chart to control my weight. It took me two more months to find an expert who took my weight gain seriously.


The First Course of Weight Loss

After several appointments, and blood tests, the doctors diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. They prescribed me thyroxine sodium tablets to get my thyroid hormones to the normal range. In the first few weeks of taking the medication, I did not notice any change in my symptoms. But after several months, I began to feel a little less exhausted. However, the medicine did not work on my weight.


Weight Loss – A Gradual Success

It took me almost three years to get back to my healthy weight after the diagnosis of thyroid disorder. I took up running but saw no change in my weight in the first few months. It would get frustrating at times. I had sleepless nights for days, and I was never fully rested. But then, I never gave up. I trained for a full marathon and ran. And another. And another. I eventually started running all the marathons in the town. I am aware that maintaining weight and a healthy lifestyle is a daily commitment. I know quite well that my journey is lifelong. I try hard to get enough sleep and eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Now, I am mindful of my weight and energy levels, and I ensure that I see my doctor regularly. If you know someone with thyroid disease, please do not give them dieting tips or advice. In my experience, trying to lose weight with hypothyroidism can be like pushing a boulder uphill. The weight gain is not for lack of trying or laziness!



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