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VeeVital PCOS Support

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Following a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, stress management and good sleep goes a long way in managing PCOS. Adding a few other essential nutrients to this equation to support PCOS treatment can help in treating the underlying hormonal imbalance.
Inositol is a sugar molecule produced in the body and also naturally found in grains, nuts and seeds. Research has shown that PCOS patients have naturally lower inositol levels and this deficiency can further contribute to several PCOS symptoms.
VeeVital PCOS support contains a scientifically studied dose of myo-inositol which is proven to have beneficial effects on PCOS symptoms by improving insulin levels, lowering male hormone levels, regulating periods, improving ovarian function and fertility.
Also included in this powerhouse formula are micronutrients like vitamins D3, B12, C, folate to meet the common nutritional deficiencies as seen in women with PCOS.
The formulation has been developed by Veera’s advisors from top US based research institutes.
It can take at least 3 months of myo-inositol supplementation to see good results, and as with any other supplement, taking it regularly is key.


VeeVital PCOS Support containing Myo-inositol, has been formulated by top-rated PCOS specialists to support hormonal balance, regulate periods and improve insulin resistance. Our product has been clinically proven to help improve PCOS symptoms and has been certified by FSSAI for the highest standard of quality and safety. We believe in having full transparency of all the ingredients in the product and is made without any added sugar and preservatives.

Myo-inositol is a supplement to your PCOS treatment regimen and is NOT a replacement for making lifestyle modifications or taking medical treatment. Although PCOS does not have a cure per se, you can manage all its symptoms by following a healthy lifestyle, taking medications where required, and including supplements to help meet any nutritional deficiencies you might have.

There are no reported or very few side effects of Myo-inositol supplementation. Although Myo-inositol is commonly prescribed to PCOS patients, speak to your doctor first who can recommend whether you need to take it and any food or medicine interactions to be careful of.

However, if you do notice unusual symptoms, please consult a doctor.

No, do not exceed the daily recommended use. This product has been formulated based on a clinically studied dose that is safe to take and should not be exceeded unless consulted and/or prescribed by a doctor.

It is recommended to take this supplement 30 minutes after a full meal, once a day.

As with any supplement, taking it consistently is key. It can take at least 3 months of Myo-inositol supplementation to see improvement in symptoms and at least 6 months of supplementation is required to reduce androgen levels.

Myo-inositol is not a weight loss supplement. However, since it helps improve insulin and blood glucose levels, it can also aid in your weight loss journey. Since insulin resistance makes it difficult to lose weight, correcting the hormonal imbalance can help lose weight as well. Following a balanced diet and exercising regularly along with taking Myo-inositol supplement can help you in sustainably lose weight with PCOS.