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Akshita Mamania

Profession: Nutritionist and Care Manager

Experience: 2 years

Languages: English, Hindi

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About Akshita Mamania

Akshita is a dentist turned certified nutritionist. When Akshita realised for herself the importance and impact of the right nutrition and lifestyle on one’s body, she knew this is what she was meant to pursue. Akshita quit her dental practice and went on to formally study nutrition & dietetics. Akshita has helped countless people with chronic conditions such as PCOS, thyroid and diabetes. She believes that right nutrition and lifestyle changes are very powerful methods and are not only helpful in preventing diseases but can actually be used as medicine for managing diseases in the long run!

Professional Experience

  • Freelance Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach| 2022,
  • Team Leader | IKS Health, Navi Mumbai | 2019


  • PG Diploma Nutrition & Diet Planning | Tulip International | 2020,
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) | MUHS | 2015

Area of Expertise

  • Clinical Nutrition


I joined Veera when nothing else seemed to work for me. What I value most is the amazing team behind Veera. Never have I come across gynaecs who are as non-judgemental and caring as Veera. The doctors go out of their way to ensure her patient's mental health is good.

- Aditi Bajpai

I realised that finding the right doctors for treating depression is really hard. But when I joined Veera’s PCOS program, the counsellors I met and spoke to were extremely helpful. Thanks to Veera, my mental health is so much better and I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for lasting solutions.

- Aman Singh

The Care Manager and the Nutritionist have helped me by advising and guiding throughout the journey. Taking this program has encouraged me to keep following the workout plan, and the proportionate and well balanced diet, towards a better lifestyle.

- Rutuja Mujumdar

I was assigned a Care Manager – who lived up to the name in all senses. They put me in touch with dieticians, trainers, gynaecologists and dermatologists, all aligned towards treating PCOS and ALL its symptoms. Even after the program, my Care Manager kept in touch and made sure that I was still charting the course.

- Tanvi Shenoy