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Anuja Khamkar

PGD Nutrition and Dietetics, Diabetes Educator and Bariatric Nutrition Specialist, NutriKcal

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Priya Sehrawat

There's no filter here & no makeup. My skin has become so good with Veera's PCOS diet & medicines! Veera Health is the perfect solution for PCOS related problems. You can find all kinds of help at one single place! Be it a dermatologist, gynaecologist, nutritionist or psychologist...Veera experts are the best!! Very affordable packages and constant support from the health supervisor helped me fight PCOS. So grateful!

Sanskruti Hebalkar

It's been a month since I started following the diet. I have seen a visible difference in my weight and I lost 3 kgs in just a month. Some neighbors have started noticing changes in my appearance as well. It has been a great journey so far. Looking forward to achieving more milestones. Thank you Veera, for helping me through this.

Tanisha Kharbanda

I stumbled upon Veera Health when my PCOS condition was worsening and really it just felt like there was no end to this tunnel. Fatigue, irregular periods, heavy flow, anemia were just a few of the many things that I was going through. I can happily say that I made the right decision by connecting with Veera Health.

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Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a chronic medical condition that can affect your reproductive, metabolic and psychological health. However, PCOS symptoms often go overlooked and undiagnosed due to lack of awareness, proper treatment protocol and delayed diagnosis. Although it can feel overwhelming to be diagnosed with a chronic condition such as PCOS, it is important to remember that you can manage all your symptoms with the right care. Like any other chronic condition, the earlier you start your treatment, the better are the health outcomes.

Yes absolutely! Veera being an online PCOS clinic circumvents the disadvantages of the traditional healthcare model and provides quality care to women across the world. We have patients across US, UK, UAE and Canada! Thanks to digitalisation of healthcare we are able to give you access to top doctors and experts and monitor your progress closely through our exclusive PCOS app regardless of where you are!

Women with PCOS spend years in trial and error to find a treatment that works for them. In conventional healthcare models, women spend lakhs of rupees in this process. At Veera, we provide holistic care that includes access to top rated doctors and experts who work with you closely to personalise your plan and help you build sustainable habits across nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep. And the best part? Veera’s PCOS program plans start at just Rs.2100/- per month!

Many symptoms of PCOS can seem non-specific such as weight gain, irregular periods or acne. So, often diagnosis can be delayed till years unless the symptoms get severe or obvious. If you suspect having PCOS, the only way to confirm is to get tested. Not every woman will have each symptom but certain hallmark features of having PCOS include irregular periods, weight gain, acne, excess facial/body hair, scalp hair loss, dark skin patches, mood disorders.

Our doctors and experts perform a thorough examination of your symptoms, medical history and test reports. Depending on when you last took the tests and which tests were performed, our doctors can recommend whether you need to get tested again to help them have a clear visibility of your current condition.

If you are diagnosed with PCOS, it is important to remember that there are plenty of treatment options and resources available that can address your specific symptoms and concerns. It is also important to work closely with your doctor who can help you in charting out a personalised treatment plan that can include a combination of lifestyle modifications and medications where required. Starting your treatment early on and getting the right care can help minimise the risk of developing future health complications.

If you suspect having PCOS or are not sure what your symptoms could indicate, book a free appointment with our PCOS experts who can guide you better on how you can get diagnosed, what your treatment options are and give you more information about Veera’s PCOS program.