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Our most successful patients continue their plan with us for at least 12 months to reverse their symptoms and prevent relapse.

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50,000+ women are successfully reversing PCOS with Veera

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How does it work?



After you sign up, our certified gynaecologist will do a detailed assessment of your PCOS profile to find the right treatment path for you.


Personalised Treatment

Our team of doctors and PCOS experts create a reversal plan that includes unlimited nutrition coaching, medical guidance, exercise advise and follow-ups as needed.


Dedicated Coach

Your dedicated Care Manager answers questions, guides you and keeps you accountable throughout the program.

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Our members say Veera is the most effective PCOS treatment they've tried


members said Veera is more effective than any other program or managing on your own.

3 in 4

women regularise their periods within their first 3 months at Veera


women lose weight within their first month at Veera

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Veera Health Founders

Founded by sisters to help women fight PCOS

 Shashwata Narain & Shobhita Narain are sisters who have managed to blend the warmth of their personal relationship with the best of their professional experience to start Veera. After struggling with PCOS themselves, they started Veera to help millions of Indian women suffering from PCOS.

Veera has raised funding, co-led by Sequoia Capital India’s Surge and Global Founders Capital. It is also backed by global tech accelerator Y Combinator.

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50,000+ women are beating PCOS with Veera

Priya Sehrawat

There's no filter here & no makeup. My skin has become so good with Veera's PCOS diet & medicines! Veera Health is the perfect solution for PCOS related problems. You can find all kinds of help at one single place! Be it a dermatologist, gynaecologist, nutritionist or psychologist...Veera experts are the best!! Very affordable packages and constant support from the health supervisor helped me fight PCOS. So grateful!

Sanskruti Hebalkar

It's been a month since I started following the diet. I have seen a visible difference in my weight and I lost 3 kgs in just a month. Some neighbors have started noticing changes in my appearance as well. It has been a great journey so far. Looking forward to achieving more milestones. Thank you Veera, for helping me through this.

Tanisha Kharbanda

I stumbled upon Veera Health when my PCOS condition was worsening and really it just felt like there was no end to this tunnel. Fatigue, irregular periods, heavy flow, anemia were just a few of the many things that I was going through. I can happily say that I made the right decision by connecting with Veera Health. It's been 6 months and my situation has improved a LOT! I even have regular periods since a few months and, trust me, every month getting period feels like a blessing. I didn't want to go on medication but instead approach it in a holistic way and not once did any person, the doctors or the care manager, force me to go through it any other way. Thank you for founding Veera Health!


Can Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) be cured?

No, PCOS cannot be cured. It is a lifelong condition. However, its symptoms like weight gain, hair loss, excess hair, acne, and irregular periods can be reversed with lifestyle-based changes over the long term. Research has shown that women with PCOS who receive treatment from several doctors have a higher chance of success in managing their condition.

Will you help treat weight gain/hair loss/excess body hair/acne and irregular periods?

Yes, we provide holistic treatment to help improve all your symptoms. We also screen you for mood swings and mental health issues like stress, anxiety & depression as women with PCOS are 3 times as likely to have them.

Can all this be done online?

Yes! Telemedicine is safe and effective as long as you share complete information with your doctor team. Thanks to online consultations, you can access a world-class doctor team conveniently from wherever you are. We’re also able to track your progress on your treatment, exercise and diet plan more effectively. In cases where you’re required to go for an in-person visit, your coach will work with you to arrange a visit with a local doctor.

I don't believe in taking medications - will this program put me on birth control pills/oral contraceptives?

Our philosophy is to focus on lifestyle changes that can help you manage PCOS over the long-term. Many patients find that they are able to manage their condition without any medication. In some cases, hormone regulating medication can meaningfully improve symptoms like acne and irregular periods. However, your doctor team will understand your unique medical history & preferences to determine the best course for you.

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