Stop Suffering, Start Reversing PCOS

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Program Description

  • Certified gynaecologist assesses your PCOS profile and root cause to counsel you on the best treatment course
  • On-demand access to gynaecologist support & monitoring
  • Your Habit Coach (your own certified personal nutritionist) works with you one-on-one to develop PCOS reversal habits around nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep & consistency
  • Unlimited texting and regular phone check-ins with your Habit Coach
  • Habit Coach to support, motivate and keep you accountable to your goals
  • Go beyond simple weight loss and see your periods regularize, lower dependence on medication, reduce acne/excess hair and improve chances of conceiving
  • Develop 30+ habits like smart snacking, regulating insulin resistance, lowering inflammation, improving gut health, identifying stress triggers, sleep management and PCOS cardio & strength training
  • Exclusive access to the Veera app to track your PCOS symptoms and daily progress

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